MONTPELIER VILLAGE COUNCIL: Oath Of Office Administered To New & Returning Council Members

OATH ADMINISTERED … Montpelier Village Clerk of Council, Jessica Apple administered the oath of office at the January 10, 2022 meeting of council. Sworn-in were Council members Kevin Motter and Melissa Ewers, both returning for their second four-year term, and newly elected write-in candidate, Heather Freese. (PHOTO BY REBECCA MILLER, STAFF)

By: Rebecca Miller

Following the call to order of the January 10, 2022 meeting of the Montpelier Village Council, held at the Fire Station, Council members Kevin Motter and Melissa Ewers, along with newly elected Heather Freese were given the Oath of Office.

Roll call was then taken, as well as prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, and Council member Don Schlosser was elected President for the coming year.

Council voted to approve the agenda for the meeting, minutes of the December 13, 2021 meeting, the December 13, 2021 Financial Reports, and following legislative items, suspending rules for all three before passage:

-Resolution 1332 Authorize Village Manager to purchase software upgrades from Motorola for the Police Department (This is the same update that Williams County is using and is half the cost of the one for which they were saving. Annual fee is about the same.)

-Resolution 1333 Amended appropriations

-Ordinance 2258 Approve, adopt and enact the 2021 Codified Ordinances (done annually)

In committee reports Don Schlosser said he attended the Christmas Luncheon and gave a “heartfelt thanks” to everyone who works in the village and said they all do an awesome job.

Melissa Ewers said that she has developed the Council Folder for Council Committee agenda and minutes. There is a framework as well on what was agreed upon to help everything running well throughout the year, for more consistency.

Cruise-In dates for the 2022 were approved, continuing on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays beginning on June 14, 2022 and going through October 23, 2022.

The Council Committees, Commissions and Boards appointments announce by Mayor Steve Yagelski were also approved with those being listed as:

-Utilities: Nate Thompson, Don Schlosser and Kevin Motter

-Community Engagement (PSC): Chris Kannel, Melissa Ewers and Kevin Motter

-Economic Development and Strategy (EDS) Nathan Thompson, Chris Kannel and Heather Freese

-Board of Appeals: Council President, Clerk of Council and Becky Semer

-Design Review Board: Chris Kannel, Jim Cheadle, Patrick Thorp, John Dye, Mark Smith

-Fire Dependents: Matt Smith, Tanner Sanders, Heather Freese, Melissa Ewers and Jeff Wiles

-Police Dependents Board: Darrin Repp, Brian Meyers, Dan Clum, Heather Freese and Melissa Ewers

-Park Board: Darold Moore, Brent Saneholtz, Matt Reid, Angela Hillard, and Kim Friend

-Planning/Zoning: Mayor Steve Yagelski, Kevin Motter, Patrick Thorp, Ric Echler, Paul Ledyard, Mark Smith (Zone Inspector) and Jessica Apple

-Records Commission: Bethany Repp, Kurt Roan, Chris Walker, Nikki Uribes and Patti Rockey

-Tree Commission: Dave Allman, Ron Andrews, Tom Bidlack, Marvin Willibey, Carlton Gray, Roy Rozell, Ric Echler, Eugene McClaine, Steve McClaine, and Mark Smith (Forrester)

-WEDCO (Williams County Economic Development Corporation): Jason Rockey, Sally Metzger and Kurt Roan (alternate)

-Income Tax Review Board: Tammy Schuman, Carol Erikson and Marva Whitney

-Tax Incentive Review: Jason Rockey, Melissa Ewers and Kurt Roan (alternate)

-OMEA alternate: Nathan Thompson

-Friends of the Park, Inc.: Terry Humbarger, Lexi Zuver, Becky Semer, Brent Saneholtz, Darold Moore, Kim Friend, Kelly Hephner, Sandy Gordon and Nick Ramos

-Main St Park Committee: Denise Muehlfeld, Becky Semer, Carlton Gray, Laura Gray, Jane Robinett, Chris Kirk, Sandy Gordon and Nick Ramos

-Fair Housing Board: Open spot, Tom Bidlack and Jim Rockey

-Board of Health: Sharon Tarr

-Iron Horse Steering Committee: Jason Rockey, Chris Kannel, Nate Thompson, Sandy Gordon, Kevin Motter, Ryan Richmond, Randy Miller, James Watkins, Christina Deehr and Tim Bock.

Village Director of Finances, Nikki Uribes, reported that the Income Tax collections in 2021 were $2,223,131.34. Compared to 2020 it was up 11.36% and 7.66% from 2019.

In his report to council, Village Manager Jason Rockey informed them that the new phone system has been around 90% installed and is working. There have been some challenges, but the bugs are being worked out.

Rockey has been working with AMP, concerning the solar field. He said that he is checking into some specifics on the finances and the village is still eligible to get Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

The paperwork is in process so that the village will get that instead of the owner of the solar field getting it, as the village is supposed to get it. He said he will have it for approval in the near future.

Before going into an Executive Session, Mayor Yagelski asked if anyone had anything further. Council member Kevin Motter asked if the solar field is producing what was expected and Rockey said that it is definitely an advantage and “we are happy with it. The project is in the black.”

Executive Session was held to discuss Personnel – Employment of a Public Employee and Acquisition of Property. There was no action taken and the meeting adjourned.

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