Montpelier’s C.K. Technologies Holds Cruise-In For Cancer

10-24-2014-Cruise-In for Cancer-CK Technologies-T.J (40) WEBPlastic injection molding company C.K. Technologies, from their Montpelier factory, hosted a Cruise-In for Cancer on Friday.

The event was catered by Wynn’s Restaurant and Cookies On Demand, both vendors unique to the area. Enjoying the hot dogs, macaroni topped with bacon, chilli, and delicious home-baked cookies served up by said vendors, those in attendance saw their appetites quite satisfied.

Several classic vehicles found their way into the C.K. parking lot for the cruise-in. Muscle cars, antique vehicles, and even more traditional beauties occupied the slots just in front of the entrance to the offices of the structure. Onlookers congregated around said vehicles, striking up conversations about a good many things.

Inside the factory, in the office portion of the building, pink t-shirts and other things were being sold, with proceeds going toward cancer-related charity.

People gathered inside, waiting to take a tour of the factory itself. Guides took turns leading groups through the confines of the facility, showing them the internal workings of the $1.5 million a week sales generating company.

Building exterior parts for large semi-trucks, C.K. Technologies holds the largest single injection molding press in the world, though there is a press built from two individual machines which is larger. Tour guides explained how parts were created, showing the people the tiny plastic ball that would be melted down and shot into their respective molds as they shaped themselves into various forms. The workings of a robotic arm, packing procedures, and safety practices were also discussed in the loud, but friendly environment of C.K.

The event had many in attendance throughout the day. Those who decided to make the trip were treated with good food, gorgeous cars at which to look, a plethora of information regarding injection molding, and great company.

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