Northwest Ohio Toastmasters Hold Meeting


“Potential”, was the speech topic of Larry Zuvers, who is a lay speaker from Bryan. The speech was given at the January 7th Northwest Ohio Toastmasters’ meeting. He asked how many had a new year’s resolution and if anyone had quit yet. On average, people only work on a resolution for two or three months.

Larry related that potential is an idea or plan that could happen, but it is not certain. It is like buying a Powerball lottery ticket. You have the potential to win nothing, the jackpot, or somewhere in between. His talk revolved around patiently following and acting in steps upon God’s plan for your future.

Karen Lyke, of Whitehouse presented a series of questions for members to respond to during Table Topics. This included: what to do in the winter months, taking things for granted, getting organized, and sharing. Darlene Sheperd, of Bryan and club president, related a humorous story from Prairie Home about resolutions and was the Ah counter.

The word of the day was ‘vortex’. It was provided by Barb Steckly, of Bryan. The definition relates to being engulfed in a whirling activity like a whirlpool. Barb also provided an inspirational close from Mark Twain.

The Toastmaster was Jim Watkins, of Bryan. Rebecca Lovelace, of Fayette, provided a general evaluation of the meeting. Andy Lyke, of Whitehouse, provided the timing of each person’s speaking.

Guests are always welcome to attend Northwest Ohio Toastmasters’ meetings on the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Allied Health Building Conference Room at Northwest State Community College south of Archbold. However the next meeting is January 21st at 6:00 pm at the Home Restaurant in Archbold. For more information contact Larry Zuvers at 419-636-2329 or

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