NW Ohio Bible Quiz Teams Enjoy Another Day Of Quizzing

NW Ohio Bible Quiz had another fun day of quizzing on Sunday, February 28, at Pettisville Missionary Church. The three King’s Cross’s teams had the highest average scores of the meet.

Top team was “Indubitably,” 136.7, front from left, Elijah Delgado, Brayden Tilley, William Nofziger, Gradyn Monachino, and Stephen Delgado. “Sons of Thunder,” 120, includes, second row, Malaki Neilson, Joshua Reeb, Elijah Grunden, and, not pictured, Preston Nofziger, the team’s leading scorer, and Thomas Hudson.

Their team called “The 50’s” averaged 111.7, third row, Madie Tilley, Adaira May, Lydia Mosier, Chris Foor, and Nathan Rettig. Eastland Baptist’s Underdogs averaged 105, back row, Faith, Grace, and Lydia Sheldon, Rosemary McAfee, and Trinity Snider.

After two meets, top quizzers with a 35 point average are Foor, W. Nofziger, G. Sheldon, and Mosier, along with Kate Nofziger, Joshua Norr, and Bekley Stamm.

With a shortened season, the next meet will decide the top teams and individuals and is scheduled for March 14 at North Clinton Church, 2:00 p.m., covering Mark chapters 14-16.

410 average 136.7
Sons of Thunder 360 average 120
The 50’s 335 average 111.7
Underdogs 315 average 105


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