Williams County Commissioners Approve Multiple Resolutions

The Williams County Commissioners held a regular meeting on Thursday July 29th at 9am. The Comissioners then moved forward to hear issues of legislation.

First was Resolution 266 regarding supplemental appropriations on behalf of the Williams County Airport and the County Auditor on behalf of Williams County Coroner and Engineers office. A motion to approve was made and carried.

Next was Resolution 267 regarding entering into a subsidy grant agreement for fiscal year 2022-2023. A motion was made to approve which carried.

Resolution 268 then followed regarding entering into an agreement on behalf of the common pleas court/adult probation for the purchase of a 2021 Ford Explorer. A motion was made to approve which carried.

Lastly, Resolution 269 was heard and was in regard to local emergency planning committee nominees for appointment. A motion was made to approve and carried.

The following other issue were also approved. Credit Card appropriation requests on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office and Hillside Country Living. The ED RLF Semi-Annual Report and the Dog Warden reports for the week of July 12th through the 18th, 2021 and the week of July 19th through the 25th, 2021.

A letter in support of MVPO proposed update to Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy and a Memorandum regarding acknowledgment on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office.

A motion was then made to approve the minutes dated July 26th as well as the bills that were submitted by the auditor. Each motion was carried.

The Commissioners then moved to go into recess at 9:07am before coming back at 9:27am. Executive session was also entered into at 9:27am with them coming back at 9:52am with no actions being taken. They then adjourned at 9:53am.

The Commissioners also held another meeting on Monday August 2nd which took place at 10am. They first moved to hear issues of legislation.

Resolution 270 regarding supplemental appropriations on behalf of the Williams County Engineer’s Office and Victim’s Assistance. A motion was made to approve and was carried.

Resolution 271 followed next and was in regard to the approval of a credit card application for the Williams County EMA. A motion was made and carried.

Special handling permits #21-025 for Miller Brothers Construction and #21-046 for Menards Midwest Manufacturing were also approved. A motion was then made to approve the bills as submitted by the auditor which carried. The Commissioners then entered into recess at 10:02am.

Upon returning from recess at 10:31am they then moved to hear an annual update on the purposed ditch permanent maintenance costs from Brian Fritsch and Todd Roth from the Engineer’s Office.

A listing of individual ditches with purposed collections for 2022 was sent. The overall collection amount for 2022 is $417,631 which is up around 10% from the previous year. There is also a request on the listings for a couple vehicles.

The vehicles are older and are getting high in mileage and are starting to cost more in their upkeep. A discussion followed regarding costs for different ditches as well as vehicles.

The idea was put forward to look at vehicles next year due to the possibility of the market being flooded with cars due to the current chip shortage.

Resolution 272 was then put forward to approve permanent maintenance rates of ditches for RY 2022 and to certify the permanent maintenance collections for FY 2022, representative of what the Auditor has for the total parcel count as of August 31st, 2021. The motion was carried.

A discussion then followed regarding the purchasing of new vehicles. A motion was made to approve the purchase of the vehicle from the FT50, and the F250. The motion was carried.

The Commissioners then moved to enter into recess at 10:46am and returned at 10:59am. They then entered into executive session at 10:59am and returned at 11:31am with no action taken before adjourning at 11:32am.


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