Pride Of Williams County Pageant Crowns New Queens For 2022

INCOMING AND OUTGOING… The 2022 Incoming Miss Williams County Queens stand with the outgoing Queens. From left to right, the Queens are as follows. Brianna Bell, Felicity Thiel, Gabrielle Rodriguez, Breelynn Shankster, Halle Six, Grace Schroeder, and Tessa Fleurkens. (PHOTOS BY JACOB KESSLER, STAFF)

By: Jacob Kessler

The Pride of Williams County Pageant crowned new Queens Sunday evening. The contests, who were all crowned Queens from towns in Williams County, competed for the title of 2022 Miss, Teen Miss, Junior Miss, and Little Miss Williams County.

The Pageant took place inside the Edon High School with doors opening at 4:30 p.m. The room was packed with many friends and family members there to support the girls.

The girls were introduced, with each one wearing the crowns and sashes they earned from their hometown. The judges were then introduced with five judging the Miss and Teen Miss contestants and another five judging the Junior Miss and Little Miss contestants.

The girls then moved on to the presentation of winter wear, where they each came out to show off their winter outfits. The Miss and Teen Miss contestants also spoke about what they feel is important for them to work on with people and the volunteer work that they do. Junior Miss and Little Miss contestants drew a question from a cup to answer for the judges.

The talent portion for the Miss contestants then followed with Desiree Kiki Dunkle, Miss Edon 2021, going first. Miss Edon played the Piano and sung a song to the crowd for her talent.

Baylee Marie Joice, Miss Pioneer 2021, was next and proceeded to create a flower arrangement live for the audience.

Kyah Anette Davis, Miss Bryan 2021, then played the Cello for her talent. Reese Taylor Hand, Miss Montpelier 2021, was next and translated a song into sign language that was in memory to her friend who passed away.

Lastly, Grace Kathleen Schroeder, Miss Edgerton 2021, showed off her talent of showmanship and how she exhibits such a talent when showing off her pigs.

Everyone then took part in a ten-minute intermission before the next part of the pageant took place. Contestants showed off their evening wear attire to the crowd.

A slideshow presentation starring each of the Queens was then shown before moving on to the Queen’s final walk. Breelynn Shankster was the first of the Queens to perform her final walk.

She was escorted by her brothers who she then led off stage. The Little Miss contestants were then brought out onto the stage for the award ceremony and crowning.

In addition to being crowned Queen and a Runner up position, other awards were able to be acquired such as the awards for Top Seller, Best Interview, On Stage Question, Talent, Volunteerism, Photogenic, Congeniality, and best Queen Scene.

After all the additional awards were handed out it was time to name the 2022 Little Miss Runner up and Queen. The 2022 Runner up was Braelyn Quinn Harter, Little Miss Montpelier 2021.

The 2022 Little Miss Williams County Queen is Tessa Audrey Fleurkens, Little Miss Montpelier 2020. The final walk for Felicity Thiel took place next.

Felicity was escorted by her father who she then escorted off stage to begin the award ceremony. The Junior Miss contestants came out, and after the awards were given, the Runner up and Queen honor was given.

2022 QUEENS… The new 2022 Miss Williams County Queens were crowned on Sunday. From left to right the Queens are Breelynn Shankster, Halle Six, Grace Schroeder, and Tessa Fleurkens.

The 2022 Junior Miss Runner up is Cianna Francis Shoup, Junior Miss Montpelier 2020. The 2022 Junior Miss Williams County Queen is Breelynn Shankster, Junior Miss Montpelier 2021. Breelynn was also previously the Little Miss Queen but has now won the role of Queen for the Junior Miss Williams County.

Gabrielle Rodriguez then began her final walk and was escorted by her father. The award recipients were called out before the announcement of the new Runner up and Queen.

The 2022 Teen Miss Runner up is Avyonna Jo Hamrick, Teen Miss Edon 2021. The new 2022 Teen Miss Williams County Queen is Halle Renee Six, Teen Miss Bryan 2020.

It was then time for the final outgoing Queen to take her last walk. Brianna Bell, escorted by her father, took her last walk on stage as the Queen Miss Williams County.

She handed out all awards before announcing the new Runner up and Queen. The 2022 Miss Runner up is Reese Taylor Hand, Miss Montpelier 2021. The new 2022 Miss Williams County Queen is Grace Kathleen Schroeder.

Excitement was visible with the winners and all other contestants as the names were called out. Cheers and happiness from the audience was also visible and heard throughout the night.

The support for the event, and the good acts performed by the girls, is clearly supported by the community and everyone who was present.

The night ended with parents, and everyone present taking pictures with the contestants on the stage.

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