Scam Call To Local Resident Prompts Informational Release From Delta Police Department

A recent press release from the office of Delta Chief of Police Nathan Hartsock stated that a resident received a call from who they thought was their grandson. “The person supposed grand­son was crying and stat­ed they were at the Delta Police Department and needed money to avoid going to jail. A person claiming to be an Officer for the Department asked that the money be in the form of a gift/credit card.”

The release continued, “The Delta Police Depart­ment will never call any­one and ask for any type of monetary payment or donation for anything. Should you have any questions about any call you think is suspicious or receive a call similar to this, please do not hesi­tate to contact the Police Department to confirm at 419-822-3232. Also, do not call the number they are giving you, instead get as much information from the caller you can and look their number up on line or in the phone book.

The Delta Police De­partment advises that there are several scams being foisted on residents in the area, including a popular call from some­one claiming to be an agent of the IRS. “We will once again remind you that you should never give anyone any personal information,” the release concluded, “…nor should you send money or gift cards to anyone who calls you on the phone without first knowing for sure who you are talking to.”

If there is any doubt about what a caller is asking that you do, please call 419-822-3232 before taking any other action.

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