Stars Of 4H Cloverbuds Spend A Day At The Farm

28310010The Stars of 4-H Cloverbuds recently visited Sprow’s Dairy Farm to kick off “June is Dairy Month”. Owner Lester Sprow took the Cloverbuds on a tour of his dairy. The Cloverbuds had the opportunity to bottle feed a calf and watch the automated milking machine work. Sprow’s Dairy is currently milking around 45 head of dairy cows.

Their automated milking machine allows the cows to come in and milk whenever they want. If a cow does not come in to milk within 24 hours, the machine will call Lester so that he can come to the barn and check on the cow. The Sprow’s also provided ice cream treats for the Cloverbuds. At their next meeting the Cloverbuds will be making homemade butter and ice cream to wrap up the “June is Dairy Month” celebration.

Pictured are: Front Row: l-r Jade Saul (Seedling), Jayden Showalter, Aaden Wallace, Ava Lambert, Allison Grymonprez, Ashley Grymonprez, Brendan Roberts. Back Row: l-r Lester Sprow, Kaiden Montalvo, Alex Moffett, Dylan Saul, Emma Lambert, Ava Colbert, Parker Colbert.

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