Stryker Lady Panthers Show Their Feline Dominance Over Liberty Center


N0903P61001CSTRYKER – The Stryker Lady Panthers welcomed the Liberty Center Tigresses into their den on January 29. By the end of the first quarter, it was clear that the home team Panthers weren’t going to play nice as they were up 25-6. By halftime the score was 35-18, and it only got worse from there. The Panthers showed no mercy to their striped cousins on their way to a 60-28 victory.

Leading scorers for the Panthers were Conner Varner (21) and Conner Sullivan (22). Together, these two lady Panthers accounted for over 60% of the team’s points. Sullivan was unconscious from behind the arc, nailing 7 three-pointers and knocking down 1 free throw while Varner did her scoring inside and lived at the line where she got 7 of her 21 points.

Though these two girls had tremendous performances, the entire team played an incredible game, showcasing both tremendous defensive effort and offensive know-how.


Stryker              25  10  11  14  –  60
Liberty Center     6   12   4    6  –  28

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