Theta Kappa Sorority Announces Edon Poetry/Essay Contest Winners

Theta Kappa Chapter of Psi Iota Xi Sorority is pleased to announce the winners of its Second Annual Poetry/Essay Contest held last month at Edon Northwest Local Schools. Nearly twenty students in grades four through twelve participated in the event designed to not only encourage writing and creativity but to further interest in various forms of literature. Accepting their First Place Prizes from Karen Wilson, Theta Kappa representative, are Thor Dunkle, Junior High Division; Hailey Engel, High School Division and Taylor Trausch, Middle School Division; each received a fifteen dollar cash award for their winning entry.

Just Look Into My Eyes
By Thor Dunkle
Junior High Division Winner
8th Grader

Why don’t you look in my eyes?
I have nothing to hide.
My skin color is black.
I’m made fun of behind my back.

Why don’t you look in my eyes?
I have something to hide.
I will be mentally and physically abused.

Why don’t you look in my eyes?
I have nothing in life.
I have nothing on my feet.
I have hardly anything to eat.

Why don’t you look in our eyes?
Please look in our eyes and hear our cries.

The Wolf Pack
By Taylor Trausch
Middle School Division Winner
6th Grader

You can’t tell
Because the wolves
Are one
One body
One mind
One wolf

By Hailey Engel
High School Division
12th Grader

What is fear to me?
Thoughts that consume me
Reality that is fading
Dreams that are brightening

The tears that I shed
The cuts that I bled
The memories that I remember
My heart cold as December

The threats that I’ve received
The peers that I believed
The labels that get taped on
The names that get written on

The feelings I always bottle up
The hopes I always get up
The lips that never speak
The mind that is not at its peak

The hands that never write
The morals that are never right
The nerves that never feel
The fears that are real

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