WCSO K-9 Unit Tracks Down & Traps Felony Fugitive Suspect In Jan. 23 Arrest

Joshua Yates, 27, of 03147 County Road 17, Bryan, learned on January 23 that evading a well-trained K-9 law enforcement officer is easier said than done.

Yates and an unidentified female passenger were pulled over south of Edgerton by a Defiance County Sher­iff’s Deputy at 11:59 on the evening of January 22. Having outstanding war­rants in both Defiance and Williams counties, Yates fled the scene, and the ensuing car chase was joined by units of the Williams County Sheriff’s Office and Defiance Post 20 of the State High­way Patrol. The chase terminated in a field near the intersection of Williams County roads 8.50 and H.

At this point, Yates abandoned the vehicle and the female passenger, and fled on foot. The female passenger was questioned, but not charged. She ad­vised the law enforcement units on scene that Yates was in possession of a handgun. “She said that she had seen him with one, but it was kind of vague,” said Sergeant Shaun Fulk of the Wil­liams County Sheriff’s Office. “She said that he kept it tucked in his pants. I asked if she ever saw him put bullets or BBs in it, so I could tell the difference. She didn’t know, so we had to take that for what it was worth.” A search of the area with two K-9 units failed to turn up Yates, and he remained in the wind until a few hours later.

An anonymous midmorning tip placed Yates in Bryan at 121 South Lebanon Street. “We were working that information,” said Sgt. Fulk, “…and found that he was at that house.” Law enforcement officers, including Deputy Ken Jacob and Ruin, his K-9 partner, entered the house shortly before 3:45 p.m. “We went in and ordered him out, but he wouldn’t come out,” said Sgt. Fulk. “So we sent Ruin in, and he did some searching. He pretty much got the guy to hide inside a closet to get away from him. We opened the closet, and found him hiding.” Yates was not in possession of a weapon at the time of his arrest, and was transported to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

Along with his outstanding warrants, Yates now faces new charges, with other charges related to the pursuit pending. Members of the Williams County Grand Jury handed down a two-part true bill of indictment against Yates on the af­ternoon of the 23rd. Count one, Aggra­vated Possession of Drugs, alleges that on or about the 28th day of November, 2017, Yates did knowingly obtain, pos­sess or use methamphetamine, a fel­ony of the fifth degree. Count two al­leges that Yates failed to appear for a December 8, 2017, court date, a fourth degree felony. He was scheduled to ap­pear after being released on his own re­cognizance in connection with another felony charge.

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