Williams County Sheriff Deputies Discover Bags Of Marijuana

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BAGS OF MARIJUANA … Williams County residents who know what marijuana looks like, had a chuckle concerning the title of a post on Facebook on Tuesday, December 1, 2020:  “Lost and Found – approximately 135 lbs. Please contact the Williams County Detective Bureau to claim.”  The pictures accompanying the post were of garbage bags full of “dirty marijuana.”  The bags were acquired by a Sheriff’s Deputy when he responded to a call that there was a bunch of refuse on the side of a county road.

According to Williams County Deputy Clerk, Lisa Nye, the call was to the Sheriff’s office because it concerned a county road situation and when the deputy arrived to check out the “garbage” it was discovered that the bags were full of marijuana.  Detectives are working on an ongoing investigation and eventually there will be a destruction order to destroy it. (PHOTO COURTESY OF WILLIAMS COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT)



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