Bryan Board Of Public Affairs Talks Budget In Latest Meeting

By: Jeremy Scott

The Bryan Board of Public Affairs met on November 17th in regular session via video conference.  All members of the Board were present, The Board approved the request to hire a Probationary Water Superintendent.  The City received six resumes for the position and interviewed two qualified candidates.  The Board approved the hiring of Derek Schultz effective November 30th.

A resolution passed by the Board was to appropriate the funds from the dissolved Generator Maintenance Fund into the General Fund.  Another resolution approved a $50,000 lease payment from the Communication Department to the Electric Department for the use of Fiber-Coax.  The Board also approved a resolution to renew a Convergence Care Agreement with Black Box Network Services for 2021.  Black Box handles Bryan’s Internet, IT Operations, Maintenance, and Consulting.  There will be no increase in cost over last year.

A final resolution was passed to urge Governor DeWine and Ohio Legislature to extend the deadline for holding public meetings in a digital format.  The current deadline is December 31st, but with continued COVID cases in the area, the Board feels that continuing this past the deadline would be beneficial.

The Board also was presented with the 2021 Utilities Budget.  The proposal was as follows:

Electric Department-$19,063,381 Revenues; $18,809,125 Expenses; $1,253,750 Capital Improvements

Water Department- $2,433,200 Revenues; $1,986,560 Expenses; $414,000 Capital Improvements

Communications Department-$2,358,418 Revenues; $2,955,429 Expenses; $121,837.48 Capital Improvements

The next meeting of the Bryan Board of Public Affairs will be December 7th.

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