Bryan Christian Women’s Prayer Breakfast Adjusted To “A Call To Prayer” For 2020


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BRYAN CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S PRAYER BREAKFAST COMMITTEE … Socially distanced on the bleachers near the Rotary Pavilion behind Bryan Hospital, the committee annual picture was different as they all wore masks. Seated from left to right, back to front are Tami Smith, Cathy Leu, Carole Cramer, Joanne Allison, Jenella Tilton, JoNell Gotshall, Deanna English and Kay Byroads. Suz Held was not able to be there for the picture. The ladies purposely chose to wear their masks for the picture as it shows the very reason that the breakfast cannot be held this year. (PHOTO BY REBECCA MILLER, STAFF)

By: Rebecca Miller

2020 is the forty-sixth year for the Bryan Area Christian Prayer Breakfast, but this year it will not be held in the form of a breakfast or have an in-person event. The ladies who work hard every year to plan this event and make it happen, have still done the work, determining exactly what to do instead of the Breakfast, and how to do it.

The committee, made up of nine dedicated Christian women from a number of different churches in Williams County, stepped up to figure out what to do when the state was shut down for this type of event.

In their program each year, a short history of the event is shared. “The Bryan Area Christian Prayer Breakfast is patterned after the National Prayer Breakfast, which was started 65 years ago by the men of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, to bring together people in positions of authority from across our land and other countries.

Many similar events are held in over forty states and throughout the world. This marks a time for us to gather in a spirit of Christian fellowship and to reaffirm our mutual dependence on God. It is a public opportunity to demonstrate that we are a nation founded on spiritual principles and that our strength is derived from our adherence to God’s ways- trusting that in a rededication of His plan and purpose a spiritual awakening will result throughout our Nation. We encourage all Americans to pray daily for our Nation and for our Government officials.”

Lynn Ford, previously of WBCL, was scheduled to be the program this year with music and a talk and the committee hopes she will be able to come next year. Usually tickets are sold for the breakfast and the money that is raised covers the cost of the meal.

This year a kind sponsor has stepped up and donated the money to cover ads in the papers. Any other funds which would normally be donated would be given to the Compassion Medical Clinic of Williams county, so the committee encourages anyone who wants to give, to please donate directly to the Compassion Medical Clinic this year.

They also want to encourage everyone to take the month of September to pray privately every day, versus meeting for the one day of public prayer together. This year’s theme verse and main focus of prayer is based on Matthew 7:12, where Jesus said, “However you want people to treat you, so treat them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

They felt encouraged by this verse, to do all that they can to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, and have chosen to not hold a public event because of it. They want others to care about their health, so are standing on this verse and doing what they would want others to do for them.

The Call to Prayer is for the whole month, but the committee is hoping that all who would have normally attended the Prayer Breakfast, and many more, will take time especially on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 to be united in prayer. A guide has been written to help everyone focus and be in agreement even though they are not together in person. Matthew 18:20 says, “When two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”

The Suggestions in the Guide for Prayer for September 2020 include:

•Pray that people would follow Christ’s instructions to love one another.

•Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for all elected and appointed leaders who make decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

•Pray for the November presidential election.

•Pray for President Trump, Senators Brown and Portman, House Representative Latta, state senators and representatives, Governor DeWine, city commissioners, mayors, city/village councils, township trustees, first responders, police, firefighters, EMTs, all health care workers, all essential workers

•Pray that Christian churches teach the Bible and not stray from the principles of God’s Word.

•Pray that God’s people will turn from their wicked ways so God can heal our land. (II Chronicles 7:14)

•Pray that we find ways to use the COVID-19 pandemic to bless others’ lives worldwide.

So, whether you pray alone in your own home or meet with a few family members or close friends to pray, Please Unite in Prayer on September 29, 2020.

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