Christmas Comes To Wauseon Early With Parade

By:  T.J. Hug



Christmas comes but once a year.

Except for the residents of Wauseon, that is.

Ever since the Wauseon Downtown Association took over the town’s annual holiday parade, the people of Wauseon have been treated to a dazzling display of floats, fire engines, and friendly mascots heralding the coming of Christmas.  This year was no different, as Saturday night saw the streets of Wauseon alight with holiday spirit as the parade swept through downtown.

The festivities began with the Honor Guard, as they marched at ahead of the barrage of activity behind them.  Newly minted Wauseon Mayor Kathy Huner followed close behind, eager to greet the people now placed under her leadership.  What came after her was a sea of lights, of both the Christmas and the emergency variety.

Several fire trucks and ambulances cruised along, filling the cool night sky with the wailing of sirens and the red tint of rotating lights.  Multiple area businesses also entered floats into the parade, with creative themes such as the nativity scene and Christmas caroling reminding patrons just what they holidays are all about.  Also, celebrities such as Dora the Explorer, Ronald MacDonald, and Jolley Old Saint Nicholas himself made special appearances as well.  Throughout the evening, children were able to fill their bags with candy, as many of those riding the floats weren’t stingy in distributing sugary goodness to the youth of the crowd.

Wauseon’s downtown scene came alive for that half hour.  The Wauseon Downtown Association excels at organizing events for that very purpose.  This particular event is different, however.  There was a different kind of joy roaming about on Saturday.  Hopefully the people got their fill of it then.

Because the parade comes but once a year.

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