Fayette Village Council Has Introductory Visit With Attorney Bob Bohmer

Fayette Village Administrator Genna Biddix. (PHOTO BY LEANN CHILDRESS, STAFF)

By: LeAnn Childress

Approval of Agenda – Additions or Corrections: Added, List item B., Governmental Affairs Committee Meeting for May 6, 2021 – Approved

Approval of Minutes – Additions or Corrections: Correction to Council Minutes for April 28, 2021 regarding the Cemetery Board and an online map of the cemetery – Approved

Election of Cemetery Board Trustee – Eliot Richardson was approved for the Cemetery Board Trustee position of Gorham Township effective January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024.

Introduction of Visitors Appearing Before Council – “Attorney Bob Bohmer, from Archbold, OH. was invited to talk about legal affairs and he has done some work with the village in the past.

He has done service council for the Village of Archbold, special work for the City of Wauseon, and special work for Delta. Bohmer said that he worked for the State of Ohio for 2 years as a clerkship for an appellate judge and then went into practice as a partner in a law firm in Toledo.

Bohmer made the decision of practicing in Archbold, in a community where he knew that he could talk to people and relate to them. Bohmer did stress that his role with the Fayette Village Council is an as needed position and that they are the client, and he is not the boss and If he is asked, he will do as asked, but he won’t be required to attend all the meetings.

He ended his introductory visit that if they need anything to let him know.”

Report of Municipal Offices:

Mayor Report – Discussion of Delta’s Chicken Festival on July 10, 2021 which the mayor usually rides in the parade. This year it is a possibility that he won’t be able to participate and asked the members of the council if anyone would be available to take his place if needed.

Administrator’s Report –

Pending Projects: Water rate evaluation, US 20/E. Main Storm Sewer Project (with OPWC/CDBG emergency funds), Splash Pad (funding via State Capital Bill FY2021-2022; other sources pending), Water Distribution System Project Planning. Employee Handbook, Zoning Code rewrite, CDBG S. Cherry St. Improvement Project, Asset Management Plan Update, NPDES-CSO monitoring compliance removal project, CARES Act Local Government Assistance Program, Total technology upgrade across the network – including all new hardware (desktops, laptops, server, new offsite backup services, main office network reorganization, add water plant and KP to network with new network hardware).

Technology Upgrade:

KDM Technologies is in the process of mapping all the network droves and setting up the new system.

Security and back up services will need to be streamlined before any new hardware goes live. Most of the new Police hardware is in. The new laptops are being set up. Testing and choosing a connectivity and network solution for the water plant and KP building is still needed.

CDBG S. Cherry Street Improvement Project: MVPO advised that the project deadline is July 31, 2021 and the Henry W. Bergman, Inc. thought it would only take a couple days to complete and that he planned to put it on the schedule for June or July. A start date is anticipated in a month or so.

Coronavirus Local Fiscal Relief Fund Treasury Department Guidance: The U.S. Dept. of Treasury released final guidance regarding how state and local governments can use the relief funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

The Village is considered a non-entitlement entity which is a community with populations under 50,000 “units” and will receive their ARPA funds through the state of Ohio. The state has 30 days to distribute those funds to non-entitlement municipalities, but they can also request one extension if unable to meet the initial 30-day deadline.

Ohio’s non-entitlement allocation is: $843,726,939.00. The treasury will release a final breakdown for allocations to each non-entitlement municipality in the next couple of days. Fayette’s original estimate was $240,000 with a final breakdown available when released.

VFO – Payment of Bills – There were a lot of bills that came in but nothing too unusual. The mayor called for motion to pay the bills in the amount of $53,767.65 – Approved
Reading of Communications

Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions – Third Reading of Ordinance 2021-06: An Ordinance Authorizing a Cooperative Agreement for Planning of a Water Project Between the Village of Fayette and the OWDA. – Approved

Executive Session – Employee Compensation

Legislative Actions:

a. Motion to hire James Derby as an On-Call employee at $14.30 per hour. Motion Approved

b. Motion to approve parade permit for Memorial Day Parade. Motion Approved

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