Fulton County Commissioners Visited By Fayette Junior Government Class

HEADING OUT … Following a visit to the Fulton County Commissioners Tuesday morning session, Sarah Altstaetter (on left with coffee cup in her hand) and her Junior Government Class from Fayette High School thanked the commissioners and headed out to continue a day of touring (from 9:00 to 2:00) with Lauren Lester (on far right). Ms. Lester is Director of Marketing and Communications for the Commissioners and part of her job is to set up tours like this to further the education of area students. Also at the meeting, seated as the students left, are Dennis Miller and Christine Deehr from Maumee Valley Planning Organization. (PHOTO BY REBECCA MILLER, STAFF)

By: Rebecca Miller

JJ Safe House is a home in Archbold that serves the Fulton County community as a transitional safe place for domestic abuse victims and their children.

The Foundation for JJ SafeHouse began in 2015 as there was no shelter available in Fulton county for abused and scared families to have a chance for safety and a fresh start.

It opened in early 2021 and is doing well and ministering to the needs of many successfully, but during the September 16, 2021 Fulton County Commissioners session, the President, Jennifer Panczyszyn, and Vice President, Shawn Najarian, of JJ SafeHouse Foundation, took a few minutes to present another need to the commissioners.

“We come today asking for $250,000 to put an additional house in the Wauseon/Swanton area”, Panczyszyn said, “as we are finding that we are having to turn people away because the closest Emergency Shelter, in Defiance, is full.

Our option for emergency shelter here in Wauseon is one of the hotels. JJ’s House is to help rehabilitate those that come to us and help them become part of the community.”

When a woman finds herself and perhaps her children in danger, there are three stages to getting help. JJ SafeHouse is the third step as a Transitional Shelter, and so they were there to present the need for an Emergency Shelter for abuse victims in Fulton County.

She explained that when they filled out the application to apply for the grant of $250,000, they initially meant for it to be for another Transitional Shelter in the county, but they have come to the realization that “at the end of the day an Emergency Shelter for domestic violence is needed here in Fulton County.” Victims would be able to stay there for 90 days.

“We are able to provide a few days shelter in a local hotel, but then they have to go to an Emergency Shelter, in another county, for up to 20 days before they can come to the transitional shelter that we provide,” Panczyszyn said.

Her hope was that the commissioners would be able to use some of the funds they have been receiving for that purpose. The commissioners thanked them for coming and said that they will consider their request when they review the available funds that the county receives.

In regular business that Thursday, the Commissioners reviewed the August 2021 Investment Report and voted to approve:

-Minutes for September 14, 2021, agenda, and increase and transfer of appropriations for various departments

-Resolution 665 County Sewer District Special Assessment Rates for 2022 and authorize collection of same

-Resolution 666 Enter into MOU 2021-90 with CCNO for 2022 bed allocation

-Resolution 667 Award FY 2020 CDBG – CV Fulton County Senior Center Blast Chiller purchase

-Resolution 668 Notice to proceed for FY 2020 CDBG – CV Fulton County Senior Center Blast Chiller Purchase-Resolution 669 Personnel request on behalf of JFS

-Purchase orders and travel requests

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021 the Commissioners had a visit from twelve students and their teacher, Sarah Altstaetter of the Fayette Jr. Government Class.

The students arrived about fifteen minutes before the morning session was to begin and Commissioner John Rupp filled them in on what it is that the commissioners do and for what they are responsible.

The class stayed for the beginning of the meeting, observing the process of a session before leaving six or seven minutes into the session. They were being given a tour of twelve of the departments, going to several different buildings, that are connected with the commissioners.

In regular business, the commissioners approved minutes from September 16, 2021, the agenda and payment of bills. There was a short discussion of the renewal rates for the 2022 Employee benefits with the acknowledgement that not much has changed.

The dental is going up from $1000 to $1500 in coverage for just $2 more. They voted to approve Resolution 686 Accepting the renewal rates for Medical/Prescription, Dental and Optical Employee Insurance as presented.

They also approved Increase and Transfer of appropriations for various departments, and the following resolutions:

-Resolution 675 Waive hearing before Budget Commissioner regarding apportionment of Undivided Local Government Funds and approve FC Budget Commission Alternate plan of apportionment.

-Resolution 676 Accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing necessary Tax Levies and certifying them to the county auditor

-Resolution 677 Enter into Purchase contract 2021-91 with Delivery Concepts, Inc. for FY2020 CDBG Senior Center truck Hot Box purchase

-Resolution 678 Award FY2020 CDBG – CV FC Senior Center Truck Hot Box purchase

-Resolution 679 Approve Notice to Proceed for FY2020 CDBG-CV FC Senior Center Hot Box purchase

-Resolution 680 Approve Draw #2 for CDBG Grant B-D-20-1AZ-4: General Administration

– Resolution 681 Payment #2 to Jim Palmer Excavating for Ditch 2142 – Pike Township

-Resolution 682 Accept Retirement/Resignation of a Senior Center Employee

-Resolution 683 Pay #2 to Miller Bros. Const. For Bridge 10-2M.3 Replacement

-Resolution 684 Creation of the Land Reutilization Corporation in Accordance with ORC

-Purchase orders and travel requests.

With no further business, the Tuesday session was adjourned.

Rebecca can be reached at publisher@thevillagereporter.com

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