Fulton County Jaguars Qualify For State Softball Tournament

Recently the Fulton County Jaguars competed in the NW Regional Softball tournament at Carter Park in Bowling Green. The Jaguars played 3 tough games throughout the long day, beating Lucas Co 17-8, Ottawa Co 16-9, and Hancock Co in the championship 17-9. The Jaguars advance to the State Softball Tournament on September 14th in Oregon, OH.

Shown are team members: Back row-Coach Nick Wilson, Nathan Schaefer (Archbold), Xavier Bustamante (Delta), Shawn Summers (Wauseon), Corey Hite (Wauseon), Roger Wolfram (Wauseon), Coach Celia Wilson. Middle row-Nick Denn (Archbold), Austin Double (Wauseon), Kristina Ellis-Smith (Swanton), Jenny Whaley (Delta), Brad Damman (Wauseon), Megan Marini (Archbold), and Coaches Troy & Julie Double. Front row-Mary Delphous (Wauseon), MayLynn Sterrett (Swanton), Tim Rettig (Archbold), and Nick Weigand (Archbold).

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