Fulton County Sheriff’s Department Welcomes K-9 Fazzo To The Team

fazzo-webThe Fulton County Sheriff Department recently welcomed a new addition to their team, K-9 Fazzo, a three year old German Shepherd. Fazzo joins Maggie as the second K-9 to the unit. Fazzo’s handler is Deputy Justin Galbraith who has been with the Sheriff department since 2007.

Imported from the Czech Republic, Fazzo first competed as a sporting dog before entering into the law enforcement division. Prior to coming to the United States, all of his training had been completed except for the narcotics portion. Deputy Galbraith and Fazzo spent six weeks together training in Lima where Fazzo was trained to respond to his handler’s voice.

On November 2nd, Fazzo officially became a part of the Fulton County Sheriff K-9 unit. Fazzo is a patrol dog which means he is certified in obedience, building and area searches, criminal apprehension, tracking suspects and lost people, handler protection, and narcotics searches and tracking. A major focus will be the narcotic issues that are prevalent in the local surrounding areas.

Fazzo is available for community presentations for schools, Scout groups, senior groups, and other community organizations. Deputy Galbraith shared that he and Fazzo have already completed a few community presentations with upcoming presentations planned for the Fulton County Senior Center and a program in Swanton for foster children.

Off duty, Fazzo resides in the Galbraith home with the family’s other three German Shepherds. Although Fazzo is relaxed at home, Deputy Galbraith says when his uniform goes on, Fazzo is at the door ready for duty.

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