Maple Syrup Festival Kicks Off Amidst Freezing Temps

By: Trishelle Smith

Saturday, March 26 2022 Williams County Fairgrounds hosted its annual Maple Syrup Festival.  Even with the snow and freezing temperature, the event ran smoothly.

The public came out to see wildlife events as well as woodland events, and of course maple syrup.

The event started at 730 am with a pancake breakfast, and ended at noon. Putting around the fairgrounds was a tractor drawn wagon ride.

The first stop was the wildlife building.  Inside was a range of events and games for the public. The largest attraction was at the back of the building with an inflatable archery trailer next to an inflatable BB gun range.

This well attended event was great fun for all ages.  The gun range had three inflatable animals to use for target practice. As guests waited in line for their chance to shoot they visited the taxidermy table.

Joe Blosser, local taxidermist, attended the event with a full load of taxidermy animals. His lot ranged from a snake to common pelts such as the black bear.

The next side of the building had live animals to hold. The animals available to hold included snakes and box turtles.

On the way to the next building King Lumber was out with their portable sawmill. The mill displayed forty-one different types of wood they work with. The woodland building was the next stop.

This housed the Williams SWCD Tree seedling sale. The Ohio’s Forestry Associations Northwest Ohio Loggers Chapter displayed different local tree leaves and how to distinguish one from the next.

They also had on display different logging techniques. Many other groups gathered together to make the day memorable.


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