Montpelier Defeats Stryker In Home Win


(June 9th, 2015) – MONTPELIER: In a game that was originally scheduled to take place in Stryker, poor field condition necessitated that the contest be moved to Montpelier as the two future conference opponents did battle in ACME baseball action.  The match-up was an intense one, with both sides displaying superb effort and skill.

Montpelier was able to claim a well earned 7-4 victory over the Panthers.

A large portion of the win falls on the collective shoulders of the pitcher-catcher duo of Gunnar Matson and Remington Beck.  Matson, a rising senior, stayed on the mound for 8.1 innings of play, accumulating 6 strikeouts along the way.  He also only gave up 1 earned run and 4 walks in that span, despite trowing 112 pitches.  Beck, on the other hand, did a tremendous job of blocking the plate to contribute significantly as well.

Dakota Benner showed his Loco teammates what team baseball is all about, making 2 sacrifice bunts to drive in a pair of key RBIs.  Teammate Colin Rockey went 2 for 4 from the batter’s box, hitting for a pair of singles and finding his way across home plate once.  Another Locomotive batter, Andrew Luke, had a 1 for 1 day at the plate, knocking home 2 RBIs with a single.  Sophomore-to-be Kolden Uribes connected with the ball for a double on his own 1 for 3 effort as well.


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