North Central School Board Endorses Building Levy

The North Central Board of Education met on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, for their final regular meeting before the School Building Levy on May 6. The committee has given several presentations in the district, and is encouraging voters to cast a Yes vote so that a new high school can be built to replace the current building, which was constructed in 1922-1923. The school’s Facebook page and building levy page has posted videos from Toledo news stations, channels 11 and 13, explaining why a new building is needed. The building levy committee has also been distributing pamphlets in local newspapers, and have yard signs available.

In grades kindergarten through 6, Principal Paul Jones reported that the Kindergarten Clinic has been completed with 36 children screened. This compares with 29 screened last year at this time. OAA achievement tests are being held from now into May. Jones gave an update on the 21st Century grant. He has submitted an application to extend the grant another three years. The current 5 year grant is expiring. Looking to the end of the year, retention forms are coming in.

In junior high/high school news, Prinicpal Tim Rettig gave recognition to the teachers and staff who are retiring at the end of this year. He gave a sports update, congratulating the baseball, softball and the track teams for their hard work and competitiveness. He said that the Junior High boys and girls 4×400 relay team had broken a school record.  Prom will be on May 3, and graduation is scheduled for June 1, 2014.

The board approved 21 contract employees. The newest hire, Angela Beauregard was present at the meeting. She will teach 6th grade math next year. They also approved two volunteer coach positions. The board accepted resignations from Jane Thompson, the Career Based Instructor, and Cheryl Moore, Junior High/High School Secretary who will retire in June. Also resigning their positions are Justin Houk as the varsity boys’ basketball coach, and Steve Bowling, varsity girls’ basketball coach.

The board approved the Open Enrollment Policy for 2014-2015. Each year, fewer students have been transferring out of the district. This year, although 75 students enrolled outside the district, there were over 30 students enrolling in North Central from an adjoining district.

The board approved the use of school vans to transport FFA students to their State Convention from May 1-3. Advisor Jess Tracy said that Senior Hunter Forry will receive his FFA degree at the convention. Twelve to fourteen students will be attending the event.

Also approved was the district’s membership in the Northwestern Ohio Educational Research Council for 2014-2015 at a cost of $200. This membership provides professional development for the superintendent and principals. In a separate vote, the board approved Mr. Clean’s Lawn Care for mowing during the 2014-2015 school year at a cost of $7500.

Twenty-five non-renewable one-year supplemental contracts were renewed for classified employees. The board also noted that 35 certified employees have extra duty contracts that will automatically expire on June 30, 2014. Some of those employees hold several positions.

In his treasurer’s report, Eric Smeltzer asked the board to approve appropriation additions as follows:

Permanent Improvement                                            $8, 742.47

Rotary – SOAR                                                                         920.00

District Agency – Rotary                                                2, 409.20

Perkins Vo AG Grant                                                             583.83

Total:                                                                                                   $12,655.50


The Five-Year forecast for May fiscal year 2014 is favorable. It has not changed much from the October forecast. Revenues are up by $140,000 more than expected, due to $17,000 to 18,000 in regular revenues, and anothr $120,000 expected from property tax allocation. These are better figures than were anticipated, though he noted that no more can be gained from property taxes. Superintendent Ken Boyer noted that with a new building, fixed expenses could drop even further as they expect a savings of about $15,000 per year after the new building is completed due to anticipated savings in monthly operating expenses because of better efficiency.

The board passed a resolution to adopt the revised contingency plan and request additional waiver days for the 2013-2014 school year. This is already in place, but the state required this resolution showing that the school accepted the state’s plan.

The board went into executive session to discuss hiring, evaluation, and discipline of personnel. No action was taken upon their return to open session.



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