Stryker Rotary Hears Of Experiences At World Community Workshop

DSCF4376 WEBTrevin Rhoades (left) and Audra Rupp (right) spoke to the Stryker Rotary Club about their experience at the annual World Community Workshop held at Defiance College. The Stryker Rotary Club has sponsored two juniors from Stryker High School to this workshop for a number of years. The students both considered the experience a very good one as they were able to meet with students from other parts of the world. Trevin had a student from Brazil in his break-out group. This year the focus study was on Brazil and they learned about history, customs, as well as economic and political issues in that country. Audra’s group assignment centered on the geography of Brazil, and Trevin’s group studied the politics of the country. Each group spent several hours studying their respective topics to prepare for a presentation to the entire assembly. The presentations are judged and Trevin’s group received the best evaluation for their presentation. Both Audra and Trevin told the Rotary that it was a good learning experience and they had fun.

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