William County Common Pleas Court Judge Visits Stryker Rotary

20150512_192024 WEBWilliams County Common Pleas Court Judge J. T. Stelzer spoke to the Stryker Rotary Club about a possible “Drug Court” for Bryan, Ohio. Williams County is awaiting State Supreme Court approval for this new Court. Drug abuse and addiction have reached epidemic proportions in Ohio with eighteen deaths per week from heroin overdoses. Offenders will qualify for “Drug Court” if they have been charged with a low level non violent crime and agree to plea agreements that waive their rights to defense council and due process. The agreement keeps them out of prison if they comply with drug treatment under strict supervision. Experience shows us that sending individuals to prison who have a problem with drugs will increase the problem, lowering chances for rehabilitation. Providing treatment under strict supervision has a much better chance of eliminating the problem of drug abuse. This has to be done for the individual to have a chance to lead a productive life. Judge Stelzer (left) spoke as a guest of Stryker Rotarian Ron Short (right).

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