Swanton Health Care & Retirement Center Reports COVID-19 Outbreak


On September 30, Village of Swanton officials were informed that at least 50 people, who live or work at Swanton Health Care & Retirement Center, tested positive for COVID-19. Village Officials were further informed on October 5 of an increase in positive cases.

Village Officials have been in contact with the Governor’s Office as well as the Ohio Department of Health and Fulton County Health Department. Area agencies are monitoring the situation.

If there are any questions please contact the Fulton County Health Department. We encourage everyone to wear a mask, wash hands, and practice social distancing.


5 Comments on "Swanton Health Care & Retirement Center Reports COVID-19 Outbreak"

  1. THOMAS ZELLER | October 9, 2020 at 5:56 pm | Reply

    Unbelievable this couldn’t have happen overnight, were they doing temperature checks, testing people exposed, has anyone died. Why are we just finding out now, did they try to cover it up. Where was the health department. When was the health Department notified. Many questions that need answer.

    • These things can and do happen overnight – even with all good precautions taken. The general public does not understand how one Asymptomatic person can Unknowingly infect everyone in a nursing home during one eight hour shift. Instead of pointing fingers, ask what you can do to support the residents and staff of this home. Someday you may be in their shoes!

  2. You guys will get through this, it will get better. I too, work at a nursing home that ended up with Covid…it sucks…really sucks…but you will get through this. It is no one’s fault, it just happens. Many thoughts and prayers for you all.

  3. My mother in law 89 yes old was there and doing well. We were not able to visit with her except through the window. A week after finding out she was tested positive which means COVID was brought in by the contractors and or workers there and she passed away. It’s very sad because they kept us from hugging her but yet they’re the ones who caused the facility to get infected. Very heart breaking.

  4. Covid19 coming to a nursing home near you! Are all of you aware on September 21 president Trump held a rally just a few miles away from this facility. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the effects of large gatherings no social distancing with no personal protection (face coverings).The facility was not testing patients until a staff worker tested positive. The patients were given tests and had to wait for a week for their results. My mother’s room mate coughed terribly for 3 days before her positive test came back and only than did they remove the roommate from the room. A week later moms test came back positive. Eleven days later my mom died from covid 19. Either the facility wasn’t following CDC guidelines or the guidelines are ineffective. This information was from my mom who was there!

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