Village Of Pioneer Makes Plans For Alternative Memorial Day Parade

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As a Mayor in the United States of America – I never imagined those words would ever come from my mouth.

So we are not planning on our usual parade saluting the veterans as they march down State street. Legally I cannot allow people to congregate along the street according to the rules. So I need you ALL to be a participant, socially distanced and safe.

Here is the plan:

10:15 AM Memorial Monday come to the library corner where I will give you an American Flag. This is yours to keep and take home.

We will all line up with our flags – men – women -children – bring your bikes if you want to.

At 10:30 we will safely march down State street as we play patriotic songs and we will also pause once for the National Anthem.

Our Patriotic Walk will be an easy stroll from Baubice Street to Lynn Street and should take less than 10 minutes

The American Legion has donated flags which were produced several years ago and long before COVID-19 existed so the flags are perfectly safe for you to take home with confidence.

I hope you all will participate so I can give away every flag donated.

See all you Patriots Monday morning! God Bless the United States of America!

-Mayor Ed Kidston




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