Williams & Fulton County Sheriff Deputies To Heighten Patrols During Prom Season

A friendly reminder as prom approaches, the Williams County Sheriff’s Office will have extra deputies out and will he stepping up our patrol and traffic enforcement. Deputies will be targeting aggressive, distracted and impaired drivers along with common traffic violations.

We want to ensure our children and citizens remain safe on the roadways of Williams County. Our office would also like to remind parents if they host parties that they refrain from serving or permitting alcohol use to those under the age of 21. The Williams County Sheriff’s Office receives reports of underage drinking related to the prom season every year and we do not tolerate it.

Deputies and local law enforcement take these complaints very seriously and will not only prosecute the host but also anyone consuming alcohol under the age of 21. It is our hope that this reminder to the students and parents will aid in avoiding a tragic event from occuring. As always have a fun and exciting time at prom.

Sheriff Roy E. Miller announced that the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a Traffic Enforcement Blitz designated Prom Blitz. This Blitz will run from May 4th thru May 5th in conjunction with Proms at Archhold, Evergreen, and Wauseon High Schools. The other Blitz will run from May 11th thru May 12th in conjunction with Prom for Pike-Delta-York High School.

Deputies will be working various hours and locations around Fulton County and they will be looking for impaired drivers and other violations associated with impaired driving. Sheriff Miller and his deputies are dedicated to protecting the citizens of Fulton County and the motorists who travel its highways.

These Blitzes are being funded from a grant that was awarded to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office from the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The grant pays for extra patrol to enforce the traffic laws that will increase the safety of motorists on the roadways in the areas that are prone to a higher number of serious and fatal crashes.

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