Bryan Man Sentenced To Prison For Crimes Involving Minor

(PRESS RELEASE) Britton Poynter, 37, of Bryan, was sentenced today in the Williams County Common Pleas Court to an indefinite term of 10-13 years in prison on two counts of Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor, felonies of the third degree, and one count of Corrupting a Minor with Drugs, a felony of the second degree.

Poynter was originally charged with eleven additional counts of Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor, one count of Illegal Use of a Minor in Nudity-Oriented Material or Performance, and one count of Endangering Children.

These charges were dismissed in exchange for Poynter’s guilty pleas on the other charges.

Poynter pleaded guilty to having sexual conduct with a 13 to 14-year old girl on multiple occasions. For the drug charge, Poynter pushed the girl to use methamphetamine with him on one occasion.

Poynter met the girl on Snapchat and kept their relationship a secret from her family. Upon learning of the investigation, Poynter fled from his home and stayed with a friend until he was arrested three days later.

In the meantime, Poynter had removed the license plate from his vehicle and covered up the VIN’s on the vehicle in an attempt to not be found.

Poynter entered his guilty pleas on June 9, 2022. Poynter was released on his own recognizance, subject to electronically monitored GPS.

He was placed on house arrest and was only permitted to leave his home for work. Poynter’s sentencing was set for July 12, 2022.

On June 24, 2022, Poynter removed his GPS unit and drove to Goshen, Indiana, to meet with who he believed to be another 14-year-old girl for sex.

This operation, which the prosecution was not aware of and which was not specifically targeting Poynter, was run by Bikers Against Predators, an Indiana group who have caught offenders such as Poynter attempting to meet children for sex.

Poynter had contacted a person who was actually an adult female through an app. Poynter engaged in conversations with the girl.

In the messages, the girl told Poynter that she was 14 years old. Poynter proposes meeting with the girl and solicits the girl for sex using obscene language.

Poynter arranged to meet her in Goshen to engage in sexual activity with her. Poynter attempted to ensure his own legal safety, saying that he would get into “deep, deep trouble” for this, telling her to delete the messages between them, and asking multiple questions to ensure that no one will see them together.

Bikers Against Predators recorded the arranged meeting in Goshen. In the H.D.-quality video, a very clear Britton Poynter states that he came to meet with a girl he acknowledges said she was 14 years old, and that they had discussed sex.

The man confronting Poynter then tells Poynter that the man had just came from the police department. At that point, Poynter suddenly and unexpectedly runs away and is pursued to the vehicle in which he arrived.

Poynter flees in the vehicle. The next day, Poynter is arrested for violating his electronic monitoring. He remained at CCNO until his sentencing on July 12.

At sentencing, Judge Bates, sitting by assignment, stated that he had handled thousands of cases, including murder cases and death penalty cases, but Poynter’s case is one that the Judge just could not understand.

Poynter blamed meth addiction for his crimes and asked that he not be sent to prison because prison would not do him any good.

The Judge stated that Poynter was not amenable to community control, as he could not follow the rules of the Court.

A Victim’s Advocate read statements from the victim and her family members, revealing widespread trauma and negative repercussions to the victim and her family.

Poynter may yet be charged for tampering with his GPS monitor, escaping State custody, and soliciting a person he believed to be 14 years old for sex for the June 24 incident.

Poynter will have to serve at least 5 years in prison before being eligible for judicial release. He may serve up to 13 years. After serving his prison term, Poynter will be required to complete 5 years of post-release control.  He was ordered to be a Tier II sex offender and to pay a $20,000 fine.

The Williams County Prosecutor wishes to thank the following for their assistance in this case: The victim and her family; Bryan Police Department, especially Sgt. Jeremy Viers; Edgerton Police Department; Williams County Sheriff’s Office; Goshen Police Department; Williams County Department of Job and Family Services; Bikers Against Predators; Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation; Ohio Attorney General’s Office; The Multi-Area Narcotics Task Force; Victims Assistance; The Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio; The Northwest Ohio Sexual Assault Response Team; Bryan Hospital; Williams County Probation Department; and The excellent staff of the Williams County Prosecutor’s Office.


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