Stryker Students – Four County Career Center Holds Safety Assembly

ASSEMBLY FOR SAFETY … A safety assembly for over 500 new Four County Career Center students was recently held at the school. The assembly was held to promote safety in the Career Center for all students, personnel, and visitors. Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Fernando Chavez and Henry County Sheriff John Nye both stressed the importance of safe driving habits. They emphasized that obeying traffic laws is vital as well as paying attention to speed limits and the actions of other drivers. Jim Cooper, Career & Technical Education Supervisor at the Career Center, also spoke to the students about lab safety issues and general school safety procedures on the school grounds. A film covering the importance of using seat belts was also shown, which included testimonials from sports and other public figures whose lives have been saved because they use their seat belts. The assembly was organized by the Four County Career Center Safety Committee as a part of a yearlong safety drive. Throughout the year presentations on tool safety, safety in the workplace, proper handling of industrial materials, and other safety situations will be presented to the students. Shown in the picture presenting a certificate of appreciation to the officers are (LEFT TO RIGHT) Brandon Willis, Law Enforcement & Security Tactics (Hilltop); Sergeant Chavez; Sheriff Nye; and Jacob Hancock, Law Enforcement & Security Tactics (Stryker).

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