Health Reimbursement Arrangement Discussed With Fulton County Commissioners

PASSING RESOLUTIONS … One of the duties of County Commissioners is to approve resolutions for the care of the county. Seen here are the Fulton County, Ohio Commissioners, Jeff Rupp, Jon Rupp and Joe Short with Clerk Jessica Schuette. (PHOTO BY REBECCA MILLER, STAFF)

By: Rebecca Miller

The Thursday morning, October 14, 2021 session of the Fulton County Commissioners held the approval of a number of items and was finished in just seven minutes. Those items included:

-Minutes for October 12, 2021, agenda as presented as well as Purchase orders and Travel requests and Increase and Transfer of appropriations for various departments

-Resolution 740 Approve Change order #1 to Contract 2021-99 with Van Tassel Construction Corp. for Board of DD Office Renovation

-Resolution 741 Execute Satisfaction of Mortgage

-Resolution 742 Enter into Contract 2021-100 with City of Wauseon for EMS Services – Central Station

-Resolution 743 Enter into Contract 2021-101 with City of Wauseon for EMS Services – Primary Coverage

-Resolution 744 Approve Lease agreement 2021-102 with Fairlawn Inc. on behalf of Fulton County Senior Center

-Resolution 745 Approve Personnel request on behalf of JFS – new hire

They also reviewed the Dog Warden reports of periods ending Sept. 18 and 25 and October 2 and 9, 2021, and the September 2021 Investment Report.

The Tuesday, October 19, 2021 session was a little longer as they approved items and heard from Laura Howell, Director of Organizational Development with the Auditor’s office.Ms. Howell was

there to give them an explanation of a change before they voted on a Resolution to accept it. She explained that “there are employees who may be ineligible for the HSA (Health Savings Account) because of the OPERS HRA stipend.” (Ohio Public Employee Retirement System, Health Reimbursement Arrangement).

She went on to say that “if we have an employee who has a spouse that is pre-Medicare and have access to their HRA through OPERS, they are technically ineligible for our HSA because they have the first dollar option. There are individuals as well that are unable to access their HRA.”

“In order to have access you have to be fully retired form the OPERS position. The amendment would be to include employees who do not have access to their HRA and that is not HSA compatible, to be able to access Fulton County’s HRA.”

Following the discussion the commissioners voted to approve Resolution 2021-754 “Approve amendment to agreement 2020-1010 with TASC (Total Administrative Services Corp) for HRA Administration.”

In regular business, the commissioners voted to approve:

-Minutes for October 14, 2021, agenda as presented, payment of bills, Increase and Transfer of Appropriations for various departments, and Purchase orders and Travel requests

-Resolution 751 Approve Retiring Sheriff’s Deputy to Purchase K9 Deputy

-Resolution 752 Approve Personnel Request for JFS New hire

With no further business, the Tuesday meeting adjourned at 9:17 a.m.

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