Letter To The Editor – Fayette School District Placed On Temporary Lockdown

Dear Editor:

On March 22, 2018, a student reported that they heard threatening comments made against the school. The student immediately reported the threat to the teach­er, who in turn notified the school office right away. The School then went into lockdown procedure and the police department was called where an investigation began and then was completed. From the investigation, the Fayette Police Depart­ment determined that there was no credible threat and the lockdown was ended.

The Fayette Local School and local law enforcement take student safety very seriously. We understand that many students were upset and scared by the lock­down which is to be expected but we must always be prepared to act in the safety of all our students. The staff and students at Fayette did everything right in this situation from notify adults and then the actions of our teachers enacting our lock­down procedures. The practice that we conduct with our staff in conjunction with our local law enforcement puts our students in a safer environment.

The Fayette Local Schools is designed to be a place where students are kept safe, loved and nurtured for their future. This has not changed and we much not let fear take over how we live our lives. With that said we want to assure everyone that we take school safety very seriously and we will continue to provide a safe school environment. We ask that every parent take the time to talk to their children and reassure them that the people who love and care for them will do everything in their power to make sure they feel safe. We also ask that you please also take to your children on the importance that their words have into today’s day and age. Com­ments made cannot be taken back and threatening comments will be taken with heightened seriousness. Please contact the school or the Fayette Police Depart­ment if you have further questions. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your students. #FayetteProud


-Erik Belcher, Superintendent

-Jason Simon, Fayette Police Chief

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