Montpelier Parks & Recreation Discuss Pool Projects

The Montpelier Parks and Recreation Board held a meeting on Wednesday, October 6th at 7:00 p.m. The meeting was called to order followed by roll call. The board first held a discussion regarding the 2021 year in review.

The board looked at this year’s softball, baseball, and pony league outcomes. There was a request from baseball for the installation of another field at the park which was tabled until the next meeting. A motion was then made to approve the minutes from the previous meeting on September 1st which was passed.

The September 30th financial statement was then approved followed by the Storrer and Founders Park updates. At Storrer Park, the basketball court project is underway with the concrete terracing and site excavation going at pace.

Founders Park has had its amenities ordered. Concrete curbs and sidewalks should be started next week, and the stage should be installed sometime in November.

A pool update was then given from Nick Ramos. Nick explained that he has been getting pricing for maintenance items at the pool such as resurfacing the waterslide, resurfacing the pool locker-room floors, replacing the sand in the sand filter and replacing pool gutter grates.

Each of those items were slated to be completed in 2022 or 2023 depending on the budget. A quote is being worked on to reseal two parking spots along Platt Street.

Moving on to the Recreation report, Sandy Gordon updated her pesticide license. The splash pad has been shut down for the season and the 2021 pool attendance, revenue and expense report through September of this year was presented.

She also stated that she has continued garden maintenance and said that seeds have arrived for 2022. The pavilion has been getting around 50% more reservations in 2021 than normal and soccer season is ongoing and will finish on October 14th.

The procuring of Christmas lights and decorations for this year has been ongoing and activities are being planned during the Old Tyme Holiday Gathering on November 20th.

The Park Board then approved a change in how payments are made for pool parties effective in 2022. Instead of making a deposit and then paying the balance at the time of the party, the payments will be required in full no later than one week before the reservation date.

The board then continued to work on a list of maintenance and rehabilitation items that they think need to be completed at the pool and what work needs completed there also.

Pool attendance was up in 2021 at 68.88 people per day vs 63.60 people per day in 2019. Pool revenue was also up this year to $13,095.95 from $11,756.03 in 2019. The board then moved to adjourn for the evening.


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