Stryker Local School’s 1957 Mid-Section Receiving Remodel


By: Rebecca Miller

Stryker Local School District, which had around 500 students this past school year, has experienced a number of building and remodeling projects over the years. This summer of 2019, not only are a number of sections in the 1980 Elementary Building being cleared of asbestos, but the 1957 section which was built to unite the original High School and Elementary buildings, is getting an overhaul.

It will remain the home of the Weight Room, but when this project is complete, plans being around December of this year, it will also house two new self-contained preschool classrooms, the brand new Food Science Lab and a Mechanical room for HVAC training. In addition it will contain a room set to usher in a brand new element to the educational program in Stryker.

Stryker Schools Superintendent for the past seven years, Mr. Nate Johnson, said that he is not aware of any school in Ohio with the program which they will be introducing this fall to the Elementary grades. “I believe it is the first of it’s kind in Ohio and we are really excited to make this available to our elementary students,” he said. The destination for K-2 a couple times a week and for Grades 3-6 at least three to four times a week will be the new and exciting Panther Tech Classroom. Students will get to develop their skills with hands-on training while they are younger instead of having to wait till high school.

The Panther Tech and Skills Class will be conducted by a contracted service individual from Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center. Since the room will not be ready by the time school starts in the fall, the Lead Tech Skills instructor will go to the elementary classrooms to get the program started.

“Sue Goebel did something like this for the past three years,” Johnson said, “This class will continue the training in career skills, and add in the hands-on technology and use of hand tools like screw drivers, measuring tapes and wrenches or pliers.” The students will get to do laser cutting, 3-D printing, and coating as some of the many opportunities to which they will be introduced. Johnson is thrilled to be able to offer this “shop class and more” to children while they are so young.

He stated that he is sure it will be loved by all of the children, but will especially assist those whose learning styles are not necessarily conducive to the academic learning styles required in schools today. “I am a big proponent of hands on learning,” Johnson said, “and the school needs to do everything we can to spark those interests in the kids.”

Talk and plans for this newest building project began three or four years ago with Mr. Johnson presenting his ideas to the board for approval as they were developed by Beilharz Architects, Inc of Archbold. He worked specifically through the Buildings and Grounds Committee who are members of the board. District money is paying for the removal of all the asbestos as well as the whole new project in the 1957 section of the school. At the June 24, 2019 school board meeting Johnson said that when the asbestos removal is completed this month, they will be “asbestos free.”

Another great part of the renovation is that the auditorium is getting a complete upgrade. “We are excited for the auditorium to be complete with upgraded acoustic, sound, lights and seating for our musicals, plays and band performances.”

They are working with Sauder Manufacturing for the auditorium seating. The chairs are already designed and will be made and ready for delivery when the auditorium is finished. The stage area and the entrances to the high school from the auditorium are blocked off by a temporary wall so that the area can continue to be used while the auditorium is getting refitted.

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