Woolace & Johnson Manager Tim Coopshaw Speaks To Stryker Rotary

DSCF4378Tim Coopshaw, Manager of Woolace and Johnson, talked to the Stryker Rotary about the business. Tim shared that Terry Woolace has been thinking of retiring and the two of them began to work together about one year ago. Tim has been working in the plumbing business for about twenty years. He is a graduate of the plumbing program at Four County Vocational School. Before working with Terry he spent 12 years managing a plumbing business in a neighboring community. His long-term goal is to purchase Woolace and Johnson and continue to run the business out of Stryker. He and Terry have made some changes to the shop and office, reducing the size of the display area. They have also purchased a larger truck which helps advertise the business, and also provides sufficient space to haul everything needed when they go to a job. Tim would like to see the business grow over time, and would like to have a second truck on the road in the near future. The business has been very busy and Tim thinks he will need additional help in the future. One additional change in Tim’s life is that he purchased and is in the process of renovating a home in Stryker. Tim has three children who range in ages from thirteen to nine. Tim (left) spoke as a guest of Stryker Rotary Member Larry Soles (right).

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