Swanton Post State Trooper Recognized For Life-Saving Action

AWARDED … Ohio State Trooper Corey Linser is awarded a Certificate of Recognition by Major Chuck Jones and Captain John Altman

By: Bill O’Connell

Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) Officer Corey J. Linser, assigned to the Swanton post on the Ohio Turnpike, was recently honored with a Certificate of Recognition for pulling a young distraught woman to safety during an apparent suicide attempt on the Turnpike near the Reynolds road exit this past May. Trooper Linser spotted the woman sitting on the overpass and immediately responded.

“There was no vehicle in the vicinity and the fact that she was sitting over the overpass at the time I first passed by was a main concern for me. It’s not something we see too often,” Linser said. The woman seemed very troubled and agitated so he approached her very slowly and cautiously.

“I went over the intercom to try and just talk to her said ‘Hey I want to talk to you. I said can you just nod up and down if you can understand what I’m saying? Can we just talk? ‘ She nodded so at that time I knew I had communication with her,” said Linser. Once he gained her trust, he was able to get close enough to pull her out of the way of oncoming traffic.

“Trooper Linser did what State Troopers do,” said Major Chuck Jones of the OSHP. “He saw a situation where he needed to interject himself into it and we’re glad that he did. It was the right thing to do. On that day he was able to save the life of a young lady.”

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